Shells of Aquarius is one of the largest shell and sealife sources on the net.

Shells of Aquarius offers a holistic approach to sea life.  You can purchase from one of the widest varieties of sea life on the net.  Our site provides specimen habitat and scientific classification.   

You can find hundreds of gastropods (abalones, cones, murex,olive and hundreds of others. Bivalve shells include pectins, clams (including the giant clam and cockles,from around the world. Shell collectors can find varieties of Cephalopods (chambered Nautilus),Tusk shells, Cone shells, Wentletraps, Turbons, Guildfordia, Tibias and Cypraeidae. Shells of Aquarius has a great selection of dyed, cut and pierced shells. We offer Conchs and polished shells.

In addition to shells, Shells of Aquarius offers hundreds of seafans, starfish, sand dollar sand sea urchins of all sizes.

If interested in sharks, we have shark teeth and jaws.

Looking for a variety of crabs? We have an impressive selection.

If it has to do with sea life and is not a protected species, you can likely find it here.

Prices are kept at wholesale level with no minimums.

If you need stands to display your shells, we have a wide selection.

Looking for nite lites? Shells of Aquarius offers a wide selection of nitelites and lamps.

Shipping is by weight and destination. Orders are combined, unless specified otherwise. We use USPS, UPS and FedEx. We recommend insurance for all shipments. Most orders ship within 3 to 5 business days.

If you need to return an order, please email the reason and we will make every effort to resolve the problem. If we cannot, we will refund your money less shipping costs. The buyer is responsible for shipping both ways and we recommend insuring your order. Orders must be returned within 7 days.

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Abalone Shells variety, best pricing and quality
Abalone shells of the highest quality with competitive prices on paua abalones to polished or dyed.
Cittarium pica
Common name West Indian top shell or magpie shell
Ark Shells
Variety of High Quality Ark Shells
Astrea CalCar shell
Astrea CalCar shell of the Indo_Pacific
astraea undosa shells
Astraea Undosa Shells
Auger shells of the world
The slender bodied auger shells with long glossy outer shell, a must for collectors
Barnacle clusters redish purple natural color
Barnacle Clusters from the Indo-Pacific region redish purple natural color
Babylon Shells from the Tropics
Babylon Shells are a small group of gastropods from the Tropics
Giant Sea Biscuits
Giant Sea Biscuits a must for collectors
Bleeding Teeth Shells
The Unique Bleeding Teeth Shells
Bonnet Shells
Bonnet Shells are a member of the Helmet shell family
Shell Bowls
Hand Crafted Shell Bowls
Bullia Belangeri Shells
Bullia Belangeri Indian Ocean Mud Snail
White Bullet Shells
White Bullet Shells
Bursa Shells
Bursa Shells Top Qualifty
canarium shells
The Canarium Shell known as the Dog Conch
Cancellaria Shells
Cancellaria Shells unique nutmeg shells
Shell Candle Holders
Hand Crafted Shell Candle Holders
Capiz Shell Items
Capiz Shells and Capiz Shell Items
Capiz Shells1
Capiz Shell Items
Shell Card Holders
Shell Card Holders
Cardium Shells
Variety of Unique Cardium Shells
Cassis Shells
Cassis Shells a variety of colorful markings
Cat Eyes Shells
Cay Cay Shells
Quality Cay Cay Shells
Carrier shells
Carrier shells all natural
Cebu Beauty Shells
Cebu Beauty Shells
cerith shells
The Intertidal water Cerith Shells
Chank Shells
Chank Shells of the Tropics
Christmas Shells
Wide Variety of Christmas Shell Decorations
Christmas Shells 2
Hand crafted christmas shell decorations
Chullas Shells
Tropical High Quality Chullas Shells
Clam and Cebu shells
Clam shells from around the world
Shell Coasters
Exquisite Shell Coasters
Cockle shells from around the world
Cockle shells for collectors ranging from the rare Cardium Pairs to the Rose Cockle
Conch Operculum
Conch operculum or the Shell Trap Door
Conch Shells
Conch shells large selection from the Strombidae family
Cone Shells from around the world
Cone Shells for serious and causual collectors
Coral from around the World
Cornball Shells
Cornball Shells perfect for nautical projects
Cowry shell different sizes, patterns and color from around the world
Cowry shell selections for collectors and shell lovers. A wide selection of sizes, color and unique shell patterns.
Coquina shells of the tropics
Coquina shells with the most popular natural colors
Cup Shells
Cup Shells a great crafting option
Cut Shells Assorted
Cut Shells Assorted
Cut Babylonia Shells
Cut Babylonia Shells
Cut Blacklip Oysters
Cut Blacklip Oyster Shells
Cut Canarium Shells
Cut Canarium Shells
Cut Cerithium Shells
Cut Cerithium Shells
Cut Cowrie Shells
Cut Cowrie Shells
Cut Fox Shell
Cut Fox Shell
Cut Lambis Shells
Cut Lambis Shells
Cut Lampas Shells
Cut Lampas Shells
Cut Luhanus shells for jewelry crafting
Cut Marlin Spike Shells
Cut Marlin Spike Shells
Cut melon Shell
Cut Melon Shell
Cut Moneta Shells
Cut Moneta Shells
Cut Mother of Pearl
Cut Mother of Pearl for Jewelry making
Cut Murex Shells
Cut Murex Shells
Cut Nautica Vittellus
Cut Nautica Vittellus perfect for any craft project
Cut Oyster Shells
Cut Oyster shells for Jewelry Making
Cut Pectin Shells
Cut Pectin Shells for Jewelry Making
Cut Spindle Shells
Cut Spindle Shells
Cut Strombus Shells
Cut Strombus Shells
Cut Telescope Shells
Cut Telescope Shells
Cut Tibia Shells
Cut Tibia Shells all the popular cuts
Cut Troca Shells
Cut Troca Shells all the popular sizes and shapes
Cut Turbo Shells
Cut Turbo Shells the Popular Shapes and Sizes
Cut Turretella Shells
Cut Turretella Shells
Cut Vasum Shells
Cut Vasum Shells
Cut Vole Shells
Cut Vole Shells
Cut Volute Shells
Cut Volute Shells
Cymatium Shells
Cymatium Shells
Cyprea Shells from around the world
Cyprea shells wide variety of types from common to rare collector shells
Delphinula shells
Delphinula shells from the Tropical Pacific
display stands for sealife
Display Stands many styles and sizes
Distorsios shells
The unusual Distorsios shells
Dyed Shells
Dyed shells for crafting and decorating
dyed shells 1
Dyed shells for crafters and decorating
Epitonium Scarlare Shell
Epitonium Scarlare Shell
Sea Fans from around the world
Sea Fans from around the world Black and Bahama many sizes and type.
Fig Shells or various sizes
Fig Shells for crafting and decorating
Tropical Fish Hand Painted
Hand Painted Tropical Fish
Dried Porcupine Fish
Real dried porcupine fish
Shell Finials
Shell Finials hand crafted with universal swivel brass Bottoms
Shell Flowers
Hand crafted Shell Flowers and Stems
fox shells of the western pacific
Fox shells are one of the more colorful and sought after conch shells
Frog Shells
Frog Shells of The Tropics
Guildfordia Yoka Shell
Guildfordia Yoka shell coveted by collectors
Sea Glass
Tumbled Sea Glass colors to fill any need
conchological terms
Sea creature glossary listing of conchological terms
shell hair clips
Shell hair clips hand crafted with inlay selected cut shells
Harp Shells
Harp Shells of the Tropics
Helmet Shells
The Sand Dwelling Helmet Shells
Hermit Crab Shells Painted
Hermit Crab Shells decorated with peel proof paint
shell hot plate mat
Hnad Crafted Shell Hot Plate Mats
Javanna Shells
Tropic Javanna Shells
Jewelry Findings
Findings for jewelry crafting
Jingle Shells
Jingle Shells popular scallop
Latrius Gibbucus shells
Latrius Gibbucus shells
Lima Lima Shell
Lima Lima Shell Pair
Lampas Shell
Lampas Shells of The Tropical Pacific
Limpet Shells
Quality LImpet Shells from around the world
Littorina Shells
Littorina Shells an Intertidal Gastropod
Marlin Spike Shell
Marlin Spike Shell
Margin Shells
Margin Shells of the Tropics
Melissas Shells
Melissas Shells of the tropics
Melon Shells
Extensive High Quality Melon Shell Collection
Shell mirrors and Shell Picture Frames
Hand Crafted Shell Mirrors and Picture Frames
miter shells from the tropics
Miter shells from the tropics are colorful, some smooth and others ornamented
Melongina Shell
Melongina shells of the Caribbean
Moon shell scallops
Moon Shell Scallops are unique bivalves
Mother of Pearl
Mother of Pearl Highly Polished decorative shells
Murex shells of the tropics
Murex shells are most abundant in the tropics but have been found in all seas
mussel shells from around the world
mussel shells from around the world, polished, many varieties and sizes
Shell Napkins Placemats and Rings
Hand Crafted Napkins, Placemats and Rings
Nassa Shells
Tropical Nassa Shells
Nautica Shells
Nautica shells are Predator Moon Shells
Nautilus shells
The Nautilus shells include the Tiger and Pearl.
Necklaces and Sets
Hand crafted Necklaces and sets, elegant shell jewelry
Red Coral Necklaces
Hand Crafted Red Coral Necklaces, elegance from the China Sea
Red Coral Necklaces
Hand Crafted Red Coral Necklaces, elegance from the China Sea
Red Coral Necklaces
Hand Crafted Red Coral Necklaces, elegance from the China Sea
Nerite shells
Nerite shells from around the world
Niloticus Shells
Niloticus Shells the colorful peal top
Nipple Shells
Nipple Shells popular choice for nautical crafts
Nucleus Shells
Nucleus Shells of the Tropics perfect for craft projects
Nutmeg Shells
Nutmeg Shells of the tropics
Olive Shells from around the world
Olive Shells, a wide selection of the worlds most popular olives
Oyster shells from around the world
Oyster shells from around the world include Pacific Thorny to highly polished specimens
Pearl Among Pong Shell
Pearl Among Pong Shell Pearl Like Gastropod
Pearl Cinerius Shell
The Thailand Highly Polished Pearl Cinerius Shell
Pectin Shells Pairs and Singles Many Sizes and Types
Pectin Shells offered in pairs or single shells, many varieties and color at near wholesale prices
pen shell highly polished
pen shell highly polished a truely beautiful shell
Phalium Bandatum Shells
Phalium Bandatum Shells the Banded Bonnet
Planaxis Shells
Planaxis Shells of the Indo_pacific
Propellar shells
Propellar shells
Pyrene Shells
Pyrene are Tropical Dove Shells
Rhinoclavis Shells
Rhinoclavis Shells
Beach Sand
Beach Sand Great for Aquariums
Seahorses from the tropics
Seahorses many sizes perfect for crafting and decoration
scallop shells many varieties and sizes
scallop shells from around the world price and sizes to please
Sand Dollars from around the World
Sand Dollars from around the world
Shark Eye Shells
Shark Eyes a Popular Hermit Crab Shell
Real Shark Heads
Preserved Shark Heads
shark jaws preserved and teeth
shark jaws preserved and teeth many sizes to select from
real shark teeth
Real shark teeth and quality necklaces
Shell Decorator Lights
Variety of Hand Crafted Shell Lamps
Shell Lamps and Hand Crafted Shades
We make our own shell lamps and shades
Sealife magnets
Handcrafted shell and sealife magnets
shell mix large, medium and small
shell mix large, medium and small from the tropics
Seashell Wall Decor
Hand Crafted Seashell Wall Decor
Shell Nitelites
Shell nitelites handcrafted with a wide selection
Shell Nitelights
Hand Crafted Shell Nitelights, wide selection
Shell Swizzle Sticks
Shell Swizzle Sticks
Exotic snail shells from around the world
Snail shells from around the world, many types, prices at wholesale levels
Spindle shells of the tropics
Spindle shells an elegant shaped shell from the tropics
Spider Conchs
The unusual family of Spider Conchs
Sea Sponges
Sea sponges from around the world
Star fish for casual and serious collectors
Starfish to satisfy serious and casual collectors
Strawberry Cumingi Shells
Strawberry Cumingi Shells a crafters favorite
Strombus Shells
Strombus Shells Variety with Quality
Sundail Shells of the tropics
Sundail shells of the tropics a very decorative species.
Telescope Snail
Telescope Snail is one of the few species of the Horn Snail family
Tellin Shells
Tellin shells for Collectors and Crafting
Terebra Shells
Terebra Shells are popular with crafters
Tibia shells from the tropics
Tibia shells are colorful and highly sought by collectors
Tonna Shells from the Tropics
Tonna shells from the tropics, light weight, several sizes and colorful
Shell Toothpicks
Shell Toothpicks a decorating touch
Top Shells
Top Shells are great for creating the nautical look
Turkey Wing Shells
The popular, colorfulTurkey Wing Shells
Turbo shells for collectors and crafters
Turban shells, all sizes, many varieties, for collectors and crafters.
Turritella Shells
Quality section of Turritella Shells
Triton shells for all tastes
Triton shells whether they be Pacific Triton or Caribbean are of the highest quality with the best pricing
Troca Shells from around the world
Troca Shells from around the world
Turrid Shells
Turrid Shells, Largest family of Carnivores
Tusk Shells the tapering tubular shell
Tusk Shells of the Tropical Pacific
Umbonium Shells
Umbonium shells from the tropics
Drilled Urchin Spines
Drilled Urchin Spines Great for Nautical Crafts
Sea Urchins from around the world
Sea Urchins from around the world including but not limited to English Channel and Alfonso urchins. We have sizes and prices for every need.
Venetian Pearl Shell
Venetian Pearl Shells
Venus Shells
Venus Shells for collectors
Vole Shells
Vole Shells of the tropics
Volute Shells from around the world
Volute shells of varying sizes and patterns
Whales Eye Shells
Whales Eye shells great hermit crab shell
Whelk Shells
Whelk Shells