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  • One Cassis Vibex Shell 1 1/2 to 2 inches...... .13

    • CASSIS RUFA shell

    • Cassis Rufa scientific name: Cypraecassis Rufa. This is a thick heavy shell with a low spire and large aperture ending with a small upturned siphonal canal. It is ornamented with three or more rows of blunt knobs, decreasing in size towards the anterior end, with smaller tubercles and pitted grooves between the rows. Above the siphonal canal distinct, widely spaced vertical riblets are bisected by a single spiral riblet. There are about 22 to 24 teeth along the outer lip. The body whorl and spire mottled with shades of red and brown; verticle riblets and spiral riblet whitish. Columellar folds white, dark brown between. The spire lacks varices. They are found across the Indo-Pacific region near coral reefs.

    • Surface measurement is used. This means from the shells is measured from the points of most distance by a cloth ruler; which includes the natural shell curvature.

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    • One Cassis Rufa helmet shell 4 to 5 inches..... OUT OF STOCK

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    • One Cassis Rufa Helmet shell 5 to 6 inches...... OUT OF STOCK

    Cassia Cornuta Shell sometimes called the Horned Helmet. It is a heavy shell with a large, thick parietal sheild, short spire and varices at right angles to each other..The shoulder has a row of large knobs with three spiral, humped ribs below. The surface covered with small pits.. It has a thick outer lip and large teeth grouped at middle. The columella has a few strong, wavy folds. Color is gray or white with brown bands behind outer lip. Orange on columella and on teeth or outer lip. Males are smaller with knobs like horns..They can be found across the Indo-Pacific near coral and sand.

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  • One Cassis Cornuta Helmet shell 8 to 9 inches ...... OUT OF STOCK

    Cassis Madacascar_A1_4

    Cassis Madacascar

    This species is found in the tropical Western Atlantic, the Gulf of Mexico and the Caribbean Sea. The scientific name is madagascarensis.

    The shell size can reach 16 inches.

    This species has been found in depths of up to 600 feet.

    Shells of Cassis madagascariensis are used in jewellery to make cameos. In the Maldives the shell is boiled and the boiled water of the shell is used as a traditional remedy for Flu and fever like symptoms.


    One Cassis Madacascar Shell 5 to 6 inches.....$14

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