Venus Comb Shells  2/2/13

Venus comb shell

  • The Venus comb murex, scientific name Murex pecten. They are marine gastropod mollusks in the family Muricidae, the rock snails or murex snails. The shell of this Indo-Pacific species has a very long siphonal canal, and numerous spines; native to Indo-Pacific region. The shell has over one hundred spines, which provide protection from predation, and prevents the snail from sinking in the soft mud. They feed on other mollusks.

  • G0-17
  • One Venus Comb Shell 1 7/8 to 4 inches ..... $1.75

  • G1-17
  • One Venus Comb Shell 4 to 5 inches ..... $7.95

  • G2-17
  • One Venus Comb Shell approximately 5 inches..… OUT OF STOCK
  • Venus Flower Basket  9/10/13

    Flower Basket, Venus Shell

  • The Venus Flower Basket scientific name Euplectella aspergillum; they are hexactinellid sponges in the phylum Porifera. inhabiting the deep ocean in the Indo-Pacific region. In some Asian cultures, this particular sponge (in a dead, dry state) was given as a wedding gift because the sponge symbiotically houses two small shrimp, a male and a female, who live out their lives inside the sponge. They breed, and when their offspring are tiny, the offspring escape to find a Venus Flower Basket of their own. The shrimp inside of the basket clean it, and in return, the basket provides food for the shrimp by trapping it in its fiberglass-like strands, and then releasing it into the body of the sponge for the shrimp.

  • GG1-17

  • One Venus Flower Basket 6 7/8 TO 8 inches..... $5.95


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