Guildfordia Yoka Shell highly sought by collectors

Guildfordia Yoka Shell 10/23/13

    Guildfordia Yoka Shell

  • The Guildfordia Yoka also called the Japanese sea star belongs to the Turbanidae family of shells. These are moderately thick shells but light weight.

  • The specimen belongs to the top shaped shell group but is flat. They have 8 or 9 spines projecting from the shell whorl (one complete turn of the tube of a single shell mollusk around its imaginary axis). The color of the top shell is a copper to dark pink; while underneath it is a creamy white.

  • Guildfordia Yoka are found from waters surrounding Japan through the Indo-Pacific region from Australia westward to East African shores. Most species live in sub tidal areas with rocky sea bottoms. However, some have been found in deep water. Average size 1 inch. Some grow 2 to 2 1/2 inches.

  • GY-17

  • One Guidfordia Yoka shell 2 to 3 inches......OUT OF STOCK


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