Delphinula Shells   10/17/13

    Delphinula Shells

  • Family: Turbinidae. Species also called Dolphin Shells. These are solid highly variable shells with a large body whorl and flattened spire. The umbilicus is wide and deep, suture of upper whorls scarcely perceptible. A row of flattened, curved spines. It has spiral bands of olive-green and red. Shell opening is about 1 1/4 inch. During the 19th century these were considered rare shells. Today, they are not rare but not in large abundance. This species inhabits coral reefs found across the Indo-Pacific region; especially near the Philippines.

  • II1-9

  • One Delphinulas Shell 1 to 3 inch........ .23

Red Delphinulus 10/17/13

    Red Delphinulus Shells

  • Family. Turbinidae. This species is also found in the Indo-Pacific region from the Indian Ocean east to the northern Australian/New Zealand Shores. Found near coral reefs. Not a rare species. Shell opening about 1 1/4 inch.

  • II2-9

  • One Red Delphinulus Shell 1 to 2 inch..... .69

Angaria Delphinula   10/17/13

    Angaria Delphinula Shell

  • This shell is sometimes called Victor Dan's Delphinula. Family. Turbinidae. The Angaria Delphinula is a solid shell with a large body whorl and a short spire. Base of body whorl is flat. The shell has thin spines at the periphery of whorls. The umbilicus is encircled by a double row of short spines. Shell color is pinkish orange with green highlites. Basal ribs are whitish. Angaria Delphinula are found in deep water across the Indo-Pacific region. They are not considered rare but moderately uncommon. Scientific name: Angaria Vicdani Kosuge.

  • W1-7

  • One Angaria Delphinula Shell 1 1/2 to 2 inch...... $5.25

Pearl Delphinula   10/17/13

    Pearl Delphinula Shells

  • Polished to its inner pearlized layer.

  • I4-9

  • One Pearl Delphinula Shell 3/4 inch or more .... .30

  • I3-9

  • One Pearl Delphinula Shell 1 1/2 or more inch.... .45


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